About Waxhaw Scottish Games

The Waxhaw Scottish games, also known as simply Scottish games or as Waxhaw highland games, are held either to celebrate or in the tradition of typical sports games played in Scottish and Gaelic cultures, most notably those games originating from Waxhaw. Typical games and events include pipe bands, highland dancing, Scottish athletic events, country dancing, clan tents, border collie sheep herding, and more. These events are held all over the world, but Scottish games NC are particularly prevalent. There is even a town of Waxhaw in the state of North Carolina, and the Grandfather Mountain highland games are a huge event each year. The Triad Highland games and the Campbell Highland games are also popular.

Even those who don’t wish to participate in the actual Scottish games events can still enjoy any Scottish games festival. Typically, there are educational booths set up throughout such festivals that help individuals to learn about Scottish traditions and culture. Most also feature tasty booths where visitors can either sample or purchase traditional Scottish foods. There are also typically cultural crafts, Scottish music, and other great items available to browse or to purchase. This makes such festivals a fun and educational event for one and all – even the less athletically inclined.

Typically, such festivals are also wonderful for children. Face painting, traditional Scottish children’s games, arts and crafts, and fun contests are typically set up just for the little ones. Plus, most children will enjoy watching the adults take part in the outrageous and exciting Scottish games, even if they are just cheering on the sidelines. Festivals like this are a great way for children to learn and grown and to experience a new culture. Plus, it makes it easy to write a report or do a project on Scottish culture, and many schools will even give extra credit for attending such events.